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We see a world where chronically-ill patients feel empowered to live UP to their full potential

Putting patients first

We're elevating the standards of specialty medical care by giving patients proactive, integrated treatment. We do this by curating and cultivating patient-centric care journeys. Our focus is on creating longevity and giving the chronically ill the life they deserve.
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We’re on a mission to challenge and elevate the standard of specialty medical care. We do this by curating & cultivating patient-centric care journeys, following a whole-person care approach.
Joe Chauvapun, MD
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UP Medical: A multi-specialty,
multi-disciplinary medical group.

Our collaborative, integrated care journey model puts patients at the center of the healthcare experience.
The goal is always to ensure a happier long-term solution, rather than a quick fix.
A medical professional extending support to a patient for behavioral health.
Behavioral Health
Comprehensive behavioral health services with a holistic approach and individualized treatment plans that treat the whole patient. Our medical team specializes in addiction medicine, addiction recovery, internal, psychiatric, and pain medicine. Our specialists provide services to detox residential facilities, intensive outpatient care programs, sober living, and beyond. We also partner with our vascular and podiatry medical providers to offer integrated care.
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Image of a doctor checking someone's feet
Foot & Ankle
With a cohesive team of lower extremity, ankle, and foot specialists and surgeons, we offer advanced wound care treatments, utilizing artificial skin graft, aggressive debridement, advanced biologics, and innovative wound therapies. We also offer complex, advanced foot and ankle surgical treatments, in addition to amputation-prevention diabetic foot care.
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Image of a doctor performing a medical procedure
Vascular medicine that goes beyond surgical intervention. What started with a single physician 30 years ago, is today a multi-disciplinary practice across four locations, with office-based laboratory settings.
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Healthcare is looking UP.

We’re raising the standards and experience in specialty medical care.
One patient, one physician, one clinic at a time.