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Our Story

Our care journey approach to specialty care began with one patient. A patient who got addicted to their pain meds post-surgery. The tragic turn of events reinforced our conviction that whole-person care is the need of the hour in specialty healthcare.

We recognize the neurological evidence of the mind-body connection, and the role it plays in treatment intervention. We go well beyond the medical paradigm, and its compartmentalized manner of providing specialty care, into the wellness paradigm. Instead of just focusing on the loss of functionality, our goal is to restore vitality, build resilience and create longevity.

Our Team

Joe Chauvapun, Fouder Upmedical

About the Founder

Dr. Joe Chauvapun is an accomplished Vascular Surgeon, the founder, and the Chief Visionary Officer of UP Medical. Described as a charismatic and inspirational leader by family and friends, Dr. Joe believes in honoring the mind-body connection and treating the whole person, using clinically proven therapies. He has over 21 years of extensive experience in Carotid Artery Disease, Peripheral Vascular Disease, and Peripheral Vascular Procedures.

He loves his job because it gives him the opportunity to keep learning and reinventing himself at every stage of life. In his words, “If I had to author a book about my career so far, I would title it – Killing off my old self.”
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Jeff Marinucci
President & Chief Executive Officer
Image of Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee
Chief Financial Officer
Image of Andrea Bruneau
Andrea Bruneau
Chief Revenue Officer
Image of Nirzari Desai
Nirzari Desai
Chief Marketing Officer
Image of Annie Willett-Thomas
Annie Willett-Thomas
VP of Operations & Growth
Image of Lisa
Lisa Lerma
Director, Behavioral Health
Image of Sandra
Sandra Bannister
Director, Foot & Ankle
Image of Julia Mauro
Julia Mauro
Director, Vascular
Susan Widem
Susan Widem
Executive Director, Partnerships and Growth
Image of Alex DuRee-Ferriss
Alex DuRee-Ferriss
Director, People Operations
Image of Anam Gulraiz
Anam Gulraiz
Image of Bernice Tan
Bernice Tan
Brittany Burney
Brittany Burney
Image of Haran Sivakumar
Haran Sivakumar
MD, Addiction Medicine
Image of Jamie Michalski
Jamie Michalski
Image of Jennifer M Lee
Jennifer M Lee
Image of Julio Meza
Julio Meza
MD, Addiction Medicine
Picture of Kenisha Nisbett
Kenisha Nisbett
DO, Addiction Medicine
Image of Nicole Ray
Nicole Ray
Image of Olivia Morales
Olivia Morales
Image of Pam Gambrell
Pam Gambrell
Image of Phong Thanh Dargon
Phong Thanh Dargon
MD, Vascular Surgeon
Salma Nawabi
Salma Nawabi
Image of Shaunte Young
Shaunte Young
Image of Tigran Karamanukyan
Tigran Karamanukyan
MD, Vascular Surgeon
Image of William F. McCarron
William F. McCarron

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Healthcare is looking UP. Raising the standards and experience in specialty medical care. One patient, one physician, one clinic at a time.

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