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We Treat
People, Not Just
Their Illnesses

We’re going to change the lives of a billion people by challenging and reshaping how we think about and deliver healthcare.

Our Story

Our care journey approach to specialty care began with one patient. A patient who got addicted to their pain meds post-surgery. The tragic turn of events reinforced our conviction that whole-person care is the need of the hour in specialty healthcare.

We recognize the neurological evidence of the mind-body connection, and the role it plays in treatment intervention. We go well beyond the medical paradigm, and its compartmentalized manner of providing specialty care, into the wellness paradigm. Instead of just focusing on the loss of functionality, our goal is to restore vitality, build resilience and create longevity.

Our Journey

We have been hard at work curating, cultivating, collaborating and elevating the specialty care experience over the last 35 years. We are proud of the many milestones and accomplishments along the way!

The Beginning

Dr. William Suval opens an independent vascular practice in Victorville, California.

Dr. Joe Acquires VASC

Dr. Joe Chauvapun acquires Dr. Suval’s practice and establishes it as VASC, serving patients in Palmdale and San Bernardino, California.

UrgentPoint Is Born

Dr. Joe establishes UrgentPoint to provide comprehensive care plans to patients with chronic conditions. The company acquires Venice Culver Marina Urgent Care clinic, offering internal and family medical services.

The Start of Multi-Specialty Care

• UrgentPoint discontinues its urgent care services to focus on meeting the complex needs of patients with co-morbidities through multi-specialty care.
• Podiatrists join the VASC team to provide well-rounded, comprehensive care, vascular surgeons are recruited, and Addiction Recovery services are introduced.

Care Team Collaboration

• During this growth phase, VASC and Addiction Recovery combine services and care plans for a more streamlined patient care experience.
• Addiction Recovery services are expanded to inpatient and outpatient settings.

Successful Pivots

UrgentPoint introduces outpatient vascular services and telemedicine, making it possible for patients to continue their treatments. Even during this difficult year, we experience double-digit growth!

UrgentPoint Acquires ToeAlign

⦁ UrgentPoint acquires ToeAlign to complement vascular and mental health care services with podiatric medicine.
⦁ UrgentPoint sees double growth through three separate lines of service.
⦁ All practices are merged under the UrgentPoint brand to form a multi-specialty medical group.

UP Medical: A New Era

⦁ UrgentPoint rebrands as UP Medical, with all practices combined under one name and one purpose: to offer whole-person, value-based specialty care.
⦁ We expand into Behavioral Health to offer a full range of emotional and mental health services, in addition to addiction medicine.
⦁ We partner with virtual care technology company Memora Health to digitize care journeys and increase patient engagement beyond clinic walls.

Present Day

Healthcare is looking UP.

We’re raising the standards and experience in specialty medical care.
One patient, one physician, one clinic at a time.